A B2B ecommerce to increase Tendam’s sales.



Discover all the steps that were taken in the creation of the B2B platform of Tendam developed so that its franchisees could buy all the products of the brands Cortefiel, Springfield, Women'secret and Hoss Intropia worldwide, and a turnover of 130 million euros. 



Download the Tendam B2B platform case study.


More than 500 new orders per season



More than 1000 products per order



Reduced order preparation time by 56%


"This project was a big challenge for us. We have several franchises around the world with different requirements. We needed a single point of contact for the franchisee to buy, inform, integrate data, etc. And that had to be simple and with a very fast learning curve. We also wanted to add mobility and a high level of automation to the process. Adobe Commerce provided us with the capabilities to digitize these processes. We are very proud to have delivered to our customers one of the most comprehensive B2B fashion retail platforms, which allows them to leverage our best practices in the business for their buying process, maintaining all the flexibility to adapt to the needs of each customer. "

Emilio Conde
Head of Business IT Partners en Tendam